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Benefits of Membership in the Templar Order

The Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon is the direct continuation and official restoration of the 12th century historical institution of the original Knights Templar, with full legitimacy in customary international law.  The restored Templar Order continues to live by the Code of Chivalry of 1066 AD, and the Temple Rule of 1129 AD as its founding Charter, as a way of life in the modern era. 

The restored Templar Order continues its authentic missions as Defenders of All Faith, Guardians of Justice, Champions of the Oppressed, and Keepers of the Sacred Knowledge as the shared heritage of humanity, to once again lead the world into a new Renaissance period.  As a result, the concept of membership in the Templar Order remains mission-focused and results-oriented, wholly dedicated to supporting its historical missions for humanity, and for the advancement of human civilization.

As a result, the Benefits of membership in this medieval Order of Chivalry are much more diverse – and more profound – and often more intangible, yet of greater real-world impact, than can be expected from private fraternities or societies.

Templar Membership Concepts

The Essence of Membership – The Temple Rule gives all Templars a mandate to overcome “the isolation of their own wills” (Rule 1), through “Holy Service” manifesting their collective will (Rule 39), “[not] according to one's own will, but according to the commands” of the principles of Chivalry (Rule 41), as the Templar “way of life” (Rule 274).

This is a core principle that all Templars are individuals united in Chivalry, combining the strength of their separate wills into a common cause, for collective impact. Accordingly, while only some members may have the relevant specialized skills needed for particular missions, all Templars contribute indirectly through supporting efforts, and thus all share in the collective accomplishments of the Order.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a “Member” as “belonging to... a group, society, or team”, especially one “admitted to certain honours”, as a “constituent part” contributing to the greater whole. 

The essence, purpose and motivation of membership in an Order of Chivalry is thus to contribute to, and share in the honour of, its collective accomplishments.  This is made possible only by meaningful contributions to its active missions, primarily through Donations needed to cover the costs of its real-world projects.  This is the time-tested most effective way for members to create and ensure the satisfaction which comes from membership in a venerable institution upholding civilization.

Chivalric Service by Donations – The Temple Rule emphasizes that membership in the Templar Order is for “those... desiring with a pure heart to serve in Chivalry” (Rule 1), who “desire to serve” (Rule 8), as “servants... for the salvation of your souls... for the purpose of divine service” (Rule 9).  It defines membership as for “anyone who wishes to serve” (Rule 12), and describes Templars as “those who serve the sovereign creator” (Rule 22) “to carry out Holy service” (Rule 39).  

As perhaps the most essential form of service, the Temple Rule commands all Templars to make active Donations to the Order, by “all offerings and all forms of alms”, as much as possible (Rule 64).

In the modern era, the need for physical service is rare and minimal, while much needed work tends to be highly specialized, requiring substantial budgets to cover costs.  Therefore, the primary means of modern “service”, authentically, is for all Templars to make active recurring Donations to the missions of the Order.

Historic Missions Not a Product – The Temple Rule commands all Templars to “forego the deceiving world and despise it”, replacing worldly desires with “divine service” in Chivalry (Rule 9), because they “should not expect worldly gain so much as the eternal salvation of their souls” (Rule 12).  This means that one must reject the modern mentality of materialistic commercialism, and understand that the deep moral and spiritual rewards of achieving historic missions are not a commercial product to be simply delivered.

The value of membership in an authentic Order of Chivalry is defined by the humanitarian value of its historic missions upholding civilization.  The true benefits of membership are the resulting satisfaction, fulfillment and honour which come from actively supporting its missions.  To appreciate and enjoy those benefits, those missions must be accomplished together, driven by the collective power of member Donations.

The Power of Templar Knowledge – The Temple Rule defines the core of Templarism as the lifetime personal Quest for “studious purification” (Rule 1), as “lovers of Truth” in scholarship “by refined and studious hearts” (Rule 6).  It commands all Templars “during periods of time, [to] study universally” (Rule 9), and mandates that the Templar knowledge and wisdom must be “guarded purely and durably” (Rule 2), “must not be forgotten, and... must be guarded firmly” (Rule 8).

Since ancient times it is said that “knowledge is power”.  The power of knowledge is especially true in real-world Chivalry, which is deeply rooted in traditions of sacred knowledge upholding the pillars of civilization.  All humanitarian missions of the Templar Order, and all benefits of its membership experience, are ultimately driven and powered by this Templar knowledge.

The Templar Order continuously conducts research and ongoing restoration of key areas of “lost history” as the collective heritage of humanity.  This empowers the Order to regularly share high-quality informational materials of real and practical benefit to all Templar members.  This is provided as the Templar Skills Training program, continuously updated and ever expanding, which is driven by the monthly Portioning Donations.



Benefits of Accessible Modest Portioning Donations 

Just as the medieval Templars were pioneers and innovators, so the modern Templar Order brings a new advancement in membership practices. The Grand Mastery has removed all artificial economic barriers to membership, and has adapted authentic traditions to modern realities:

The customary substantial “Passage Fee” (common to other historical Orders) has been abolished. The historical practice of “Tithing” is replaced by the new tradition of “Portioning”, as ongoing contributions of a modest monthly non-profit Donation, in amounts which should be accessible even to those in economic hardship. Indeed, as the original Knights Templar were famously known as the “Poor Knights of the Temple”, this policy maintains historical authenticity.

The classical tradition of “Tithing” (defined as donating a “tithe” of 10%) to a religious institution comes from times past, when governments were not yet seizing up to 50% or more of family incomes. In the modern era of unprecedented governmental interference in our daily lives, imposing economic hardships, the practice of Tithing has literally become “history”.

The new tradition of “Portioning” is named from the Latin word ‘portionis’ meaning a “part”, “portion” or “share” of resources, usually in the context of periodic sharing by incremental portions. This is also related to the Latin phrase ‘pro portione’ meaning “proportionally”, indicating that the sharing is in proportion to one’s ability to share.

This makes membership most accessible, and enhances the collective power of a larger membership base to provide for general operations of the humanitarian missions, through smaller individual donations. It also multiplies the collective volunteer work provided by a larger membership base, providing more efforts and skills for effective work on Templar missions of the Order. This gives the Order true “strength in numbers”, in its finest tradition as the proverbial “Army of God”.

As a result, just as religious men and women of times past could be proud of “Tithing” to their Church or Order, modern Templars can now enjoy the great satisfaction of “Portioning” to the restored Templar Order.


Benefits to Humanity from Templar Membership

The Temple Rule dedicates the Order “to defend the poor” (Rule 2), and Templars “must sustain the weaknesses... of others” (Rule 47), and provide assistance and problem solving “perpetually in all matters”, for the weak(Rule 59). The missions of the Order also provide leadership to uplift and empower humanity, by spreading Chivalry “through diverse parts of the world”, to “set an example of good works and wisdom” (Rule 37).

The most important benefits of membership in the Templar Order are those resulting from its ongoing active humanitarian missions, directly funded by the modest monthly Portioning Donations, which can best be summarized as the following major benefits to humanity:

  • Renewing the role of Chivalry as a way of life in the modern era
  • Restoring Pillars of Civilization from “lost” history of Golden Ages
  • Returning the collective heritage of humanity to the general public
  • Applying proven solutions from the past to problems of the present
  • Making shared heritage of sacred knowledge accessible to the world
  • Upholding human rights through active projects of real-world impact
  • Preserving time-tested keys to empowerment for future generations
  • Inspiring unity and collective power of peoples by traditional values
  • Recovering individual empowerment to uphold values of humanity
  • Promoting world-class sovereign institutions by and for the people


Spiritual Benefits of Templar Membership

The Temple Rule describes the Templar Order itself as a “Holy Communion” for direct personal connection to God (Rule 2).  It declares that “God is with you”, that Templars are nourished “by the meat from God” (Rule 9), and that Templars “reconcile with God” through sacred service (Rule 55).  The Templar way of life is thus defined as being “for the salvation of your souls” through “divine service” (Rule 9) “with a pure heart” (Rule 66), repeating that this is the path “for the salvation of their souls” (Rule 67).

The most important spiritual benefits of membership in the Templar Order come from cultural immersion in traditional and authentic Templar spirituality from the most ancient sacred wisdom.  This is primarily provided through the Templar Skills Training materials, which teach the full Templar heritage of the Ancient Priesthood which the original Knights Templar recovered from the Temple of Solomon.  The resulting spiritual benefits can best be summarized as personal enlightenment for mastery of the following keys to divine spirituality:

  • Balance with the Divine Feminine face of God as key to the Holy Grail
  • Spiritual alchemy of both individuals and society as pillars of civilization
  • Ancient knowledge fully compatible with canonical classical Christianity
  • Mysticism of direct Holy Communion supported by Templar Chaplains
  • Esoteric secrets preserved in the Templar Arthurian Holy Grail legends
  • Secrets of the Biblical Magi as the universal foundations of all spirituality
  • Developing spiritual strength to fully empower effective Sacred Activism
  • Timeless methods of spiritual self-defense in the battle of good over evil
  • Sacred wisdom enhancing the spiritual dimension of religious experience
  • Sacred sciences of spiritual energies and the mechanics of consciousness


Personal Benefits of Templar Membership

The more direct personal benefits of membership in the Templar Order are the result of its ongoing restoration of the full knowledge base of Templar heritage.  This is provided to all members through the Templar Skills Training program, and also manifests as real-world capabilities of the Order as an official institution.  These personal benefits can best be summarized as the following advantages for individual Templars:

  • Over 1,370 pages of Templar Skills Training knowledge materials
  • Periodic updates on exciting discoveries from ongoing restoration
  • Official status of legitimacy of authentic Chivalry with meritocracy
  • Success from effective modern practices of Chivalry as a way of life
  • Discover the individual empowerment of ancient sacred knowledge
  • Experience deeper meaning in all areas of life through living history
  • Private career advancement resources from world-class institutions
  • Support from an international community of like-minded individuals
  • Mastery of the international protocols and customs of Courtly Society
  • Access to earning Knighthood or Damehood as titled Nobility peerage


Community Benefits of the Membership Platform

The modest monthly Portioning Donations are made in the convenient form of a recurring “Subscription”, simply to maintain an active connection for interactive participation in the Order, through the online Templar Membership Platform.  This is the official international communications center for active participation in the Order, to ensure a direct connection to Templar events, activities and opportunities.  This user-friendly interactive platform provides the following practical benefits:

  • Direct Communications channel with the Templar Government
  • Receive direct outreach and engagement from the Grand Mastery
  • Earn Chivalry & Nobility status by interactive participation of merit
  • Profiles are Registrations to help match members with opportunities
  • Membership Directory to explore and discover like-minded members
  • Templar Community networking through direct private messaging
  • Discussion Forums with Templar moderators and permission filters
  • Multimedia content delivery providing exclusive Templar heritage
  • Email notifications to facilitate effective membership participation
  • Templar Event Calendar for participation in events and gatherings



Tangible Benefits of Deliverable Materials 

The Templar Order provides robust packages of voluminous materials to members, including over 1,370 pages of books, and over 1.75 Gigabytes of audio-visual materials. Additional materials are continuously under development, supported by the modest monthly Subscription Donations.

Templar Skills Training – Upon Joining the Order with an approved application, all new members are given access to the "Service Level" Skills Training materials of primary Templar knowledge, as proprietary educational books provided exclusively by the Order.

The Order is not a private “fraternity”, nor a “secret society”, and thus does not artificially withhold any “higher” levels of “degrees” of “secret” knowledge. It is an Order of Chivalry, which requires all Templars to know everything possible, to effectively serve, to once again lead the world into a new Renaissance period.

Therefore, the Templar Order gives all new members access to more top-level knowledge in the first few weeks, than fraternities or societies eventually give to their few members of their highest degrees by the end of their lifetimes.

These packages consist of over 1,370+ pages of educational books (which would be over 2,740 pages in printed bookstore size).

Upon Approval of one’s Application for New Membership, under the “TRAINING” button, the "Service Level" button will be activated on the Navigation bar when you sign in to the Templar Membership Platform, providing access to all Download links.

Multimedia Induction Package – Upon completing the Skills Training studies and receiving first Letters Patent, all members are given access to an Induction Package of multimedia audio-visual materials of Templar heritage, featuring authentic images, sounds and music of the Templar Order.

These materials provide a meaningful experience of deep cultural immersion, and give a tangible feeling of being a true part of the living traditions of medieval Chivalry in the modern world. They are designed to create an “environment” to transform the “atmosphere” of one’s daily life, and serve as a practical means of individual expression of living the life of Chivalry.

The packages consist of over 1.75 Gigabytes of materials, with over 35+ Wallpapers with historically authentic images (for all formats of computers and mobile devices), 55+ Ringtones and Notification sounds with Chivalry themes, and over 8:00+ hours of Music tracks of genuine medieval works which the Knights Templar actually performed or listened to. It also includes 15+ Memes images with humorous narrative texts on classic paintings for sharing, and 8+ Frameable Displays of high quality images for color printing and framing, to display next to your Letters Patent certificate from the Templar Order.

Upon receiving one’s first Letters Patent, the “MEDIA PACKS” button will be activated on the Navigation bar when you sign in to the Templar Membership Platform, providing all Download links.

Official Letters Patent Certificates – Upon establishment into lifetime membership as a Templar Brother or Sister of the Order, elevation to knighthood or damehood in Chivalry, and for establishment in other levels of Nobility peerage, the Grand Mastery issues a traditional certificate called a “Letters Patent”. (For the Knights of Salahadin, this is issued by the Chancellor under Crown Patronage.)

Much more than a mere “certificate”, this is a genuine Letters Patent, which is the medieval form of an official document, carrying full legal validity under customary international law. Thus, as a legal instrument, it is actually a sovereign act of “legalization” of one’s titled status.

These documents are carefully written by Barristers and legal historians, with the correct and proper text and format, as used by the British Crown. This reflects the full legitimacy of your chivalric and nobiliary status in the Order, as the restored continuation of the original 12th century institution.

The Letters Patent is overlaid upon the official watermark of the Sovereign Order, and bears its heraldic coat of arms as an Order of Chivalry, ratified by the Sovereign Seal, and signed by the Templar Grand Master (or Chancellor of Salahadin).

The official Letters Patent is provided as a “digital original” high quality source file, convenient for sharing as a “best evidence” copy by email. This enables members to independently color print as many originals as desired. Printing is often best on one’s choice of parchment or linen printer paper (as available from office supply stores), for lamination (as a briefcase presentation) or framing (for display) in multiple locations.

For a Champion, as a supporter in general membership who does not plan to advance in the Order, a Letters Patent can be issued recognizing this honourary status, upon completing the Skills Training program.

For a Sergeant or Adjutante, or Temple Guardian, the Letters Patent is issued upon completing the "Service Level" of Skills Training and pledging one’s Commitment of Service for induction into the Order.

For a Donat of Devotion, the Letters Patent is issued upon making patronage contributions of merit for elevation and establishment into the Order.

For a titled Knight or Dame, the Letters Patent is issued upon completing the "Advanced Level" of Skills Training, demonstrating earned merit, and professing the Vow of Chivalry for elevation and investiture into the Order.

For titled Nobility, the Letters Patent is issued upon demonstrating earned merit and swearing the Oath of Office for elevation to governmental service under the Sovereign Constitution of the Order.



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