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Current Active Special Missions of the Order 

As part of the general Modern Missions of the restored Templar Order, which continue as “standing orders” from the founding Templars, the Order also has Special Missions targeting specific real-world results through field operations. This page provides links to full pages featuring current active Special Missions, needing priority support from all Templar Brothers and Sisters.

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Yazidi Mission I - Mission: Seat at the Table 

The Yazidis are the ancient indigenous people of Iraq from ca. 10,000 BC, who had the Kingdom of Ezidkhan ruling much of Mesopotamia, in a partnership with the Kingdom of Solomon on its southern border. The Yazidis served in and fought under the Knights Templar during the 12th century, and thus are living direct descendants of Templars.

Mission “Seat at the Table” is a humanitarian mission of geopolitical intervention, as a first phase effort to enable the Yazidi people to restore their sovereign diplomatic status. This is implemented through development of legal infrastructure and diplomatic support advancing their international human rights and indigenous rights. This mission is placing Yazidis in the best strategic position to defend the rights of Christians and other minorities in Iraq and the Middle East.

Click here for Mission: Seat at the Table with Donate links


Yazidi Mission II - Operation Drone Comet 

Since 2014 the terrorist group “Daesh” (Islamic State) has kidnapped more than 5,000 Yazidi women and girls, keeping them as slaves, as part of a widely recognized genocide against the Yazidi people.

Operation “Drone Comet” is a humanitarian mission of on-the-ground intervention, supporting the real-world rescue of individual Yazidi women and girls from captivity or from hiding in temporary safe-houses, freeing them from terrorist control. This operation is the only direct channel to effectively bring them home, reuniting with their families and Yazidi community. Rescue operations are implemented through a network of already established connections in the field in Iraq and Syria, managed by the Yazidis themselves, and supported by existing Ezidkhan security forces.

Click here for Operation: Drone Comet with Donate links

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