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IMPORTANT:   When Subscribing, it is extremely important to answer all of the Registration Questions as completely and with as much detail as possible: This Registration creates your database file for membership, which is the only way for the Grand Mastery to get to know you, and match you with Templar missions and opportunities related to your skills and interests. Applications with insufficient information or lack of meaningful substance will be Declined.


NOTICE:   You are responsible for studying all of the Official Website, to understand what you are joining, before you sign up to Join the Order. Joining a medieval Order of Chivalry, in which membership is assumed to be a lifetime commitment, is not to be treated as some mere commercial product, to “try” and then “cancel”. Chivalry is not for entertainment, so there is nothing to passively “try”. Having a positive experience depends entirely on one’s own active study and participation.


NOTICE:   All Donations including by monthly Subscriptions are Non-Refundable, as they are non-profit Donations for humanitarian operations, and must be immediately spent on real humanitarian work. If you do not genuinely and fully intend to give money to non-profit humanitarian missions, then you should not sign up for a membership platform based on recurring Donations.


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