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Essential Rules for Templar Membership

All potential and active members must know the Membership Rules of 1290 AD, based on the Temple Rule of 1129 AD, which all Templars are required to study and strive to live by. The Order here provides a Public Short Summary of the most important Rules, which are most relevant to modern membership issues.  Some of these Rules tend to quickly lead to expulsion from the Order, and others can lead to loss of status or titles within the Order, if disregarded. 

Fundamental Concept & Basic Principles of the Order

The Order of the Temple of Solomon is an Order of Chivalry.  It is not a “fraternity” for social status, and is not for “title seekers” collecting honourary certificates.  It is not a “business club” for commercial networking or self-promotion, and not a “power club” for political influence or control over others.  It is not a “secret society” for promoting philosophies or elitism.  It is not a “fan club” for knightly fantasies, and not a “revival group” for anachronistic entertainment.  It is not a “haters club” against any other traditional religion or culture. 

Rather, this restored medieval Order is based on monastic principles, dedicated to humble service in its historical missions of upholding good against evil, as Defenders of All Faith and Guardians of Justice for humanity. 

All members are required to make it their priority to support the authentic Templar humanitarian missions of the Order itself, and not to use the Order for their own private ambitions.

The modern Templar Order, as the original and restored historical institution, has no concern for mere subjective opinions of what some people think “real” Templars supposedly “would”, “could”, “should”, or “must” have done in the past or do in the present. 

Rather, the exclusive focus of the Order is on the concrete, undeniable evidence in the historical record, which proves what the historical Knights Templar did in fact do, and demonstrates how the genuine Templar way of life of Chivalry actually does directly translate into a practical lifestyle in the modern era. 



Templar Membership Rules of 1290 AD

Public Short Summary

The following is the “Public Short Summary” of the Membership Rules of 1290 AD, to ensure that potential members understand it before joining, and to emphasize its importance for all active members to better learn and remember it.

The “Full Book” version of these Rules (which is three times larger) is given to all members in the Templar Skills Training materials, as a complete educational study.

View and Download the Public Short Summary of the Membership Rules.

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