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The purpose of this mission is raise funds to support the rescue of the Yazidi women.  Our first project is to safely bring home 13 year old Delshin Ferman who was taken on August 3, 2014 with her brother and three sisters.  They were sold to Daesh members and in 2017 she was rescued with her brother and one of her sisters.  Unfortunately, during one of the resent air attacks on Syria, two of her sisters were killed.

The Templar Order is collaborating with Abdullah Alagailo, a master beekeeper in the Sinjar region of northern Iraq who began using his network for his honey distribution to locate and rescue women kidnapped by the Daes

h since the 2014 attack. Abdullah and his network were able to locate Delshin and help her escape the Daesh and brought her to another safe houe in Syria. The total cost of her rescue and to return her to her family in Northern Iraq is $5,000.  Her friends and family have raised $3,000 leaving $2,000 remaining. 

I have personally gotten to know Abdullah and have been moved, touched and inspired by his courage in the face of great danger to bring these women home.

As a beekeeper myself, I am continually inspired with the perfection of the bee hive.  Male bees are called drones.  During mating season, Drones from hundreds of hives meet at a location called a Drone Congregation Area or DCA. 


They wait for the Queen Bee to make her mating flight.  When she is spotted, approximately 100 drones separate and form a Drone Comet to meet her.  Approximately 20 drones are fortunate enough to mate her and pass on their DNA that she will take back to her hive to strengthen her community.  It is a sacrifice because the drones do not survive this process. These drones give their lives for the sake of a greater good.I am seeking 100 drones to form a Drone Comet and contribute $20 each to bring Delshin home and strengthen the Yazidi community. Currently we have five men committed out of the 100 needed. 

If you are called to be one of the men to create this miracle, here are the actions you can take:

  • Donate $20 if you are moved to support this cause. If you are moved to donate more, by all means do so.
  • Actively enroll men in your community to support this cause.

Please stand with me to bring Delshin home by May 22, 2019. 




 The purpose of Mission Yazidi Phase I is to empower Yazidi leaders to have a “Seat at the Table” in governmental negotiations enabling the Yazidi people to protect themselves and other persecuted minorities. 

The success of "YAZIDI MISSION: A SEAT AT THE TABLE" would finally create a very real opportunity for sovereignty, dignity, justice and a voice for the re-establishment of the Yazidi nation, and restoration of its own Kingdom of "Ezidikhan".

This would in turn, set a precedent and create a template for the preservation of all indigenous tribes and peoples of the world.

A "declaratory judgment" from an International Justice Court, proving the sovereign diplomatic status of the Yazidi people as an indigenous nation-state, will empower them to directly represent themselves at U.N. level negotiations, finally giving them a real and official “Seat at the Table”.

The positive impact and success of Phase I is ongoing.  Some of the measurable accomplishments are: 

    • We created a petition that was signed by 112 people.
    • We created a Mission Yazidi Facebook page with 171 Likes and 169 Followers.
    • We collectively raised $2,254
    • We developed four strong leaders amongst the membership that will be elevated to Knighthood.
    • We obtain a barrister’s opinion on Royal Succession proving that Prince Naif bin Dawud is the only legitimate and qualified candidate.
    • We obtained diplomatic recognition from Ignitas Veritas United recognizing Prince Naif as Crown Prince and recognizing the Yazidi Nation.
    • We indefinitely delayed and possibly terminated the planned illegal hijacking of Yazidi Royal Succession by the non-Yazidi Kurds.
    • We empowered Prince Naif to plan a trip to return to Sinjar and enroll the Tribal Leaders to support a Yazidi Nation.
    • We developed a Declaration of Self Representation of the Yazidi Nation.
    • We created a video speech, Diplomatic Address to the Yazidi People, that went viral (more than 100,000 views)  
    • Below please find links to these above mentioned accomplishments.
Diplomatic Recognition
Diplomatic Address


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